Photo by Tiana Lucking taken on Spyder Mountain

Photo by Tiana Lucking taken on Spyder Mountain

"Kiaya is dedicated to bringing to the masses art in all of its expression. In this interview, she speaks for all of us who struggle to bring forth creative and meaningful music into a world where sameness and commercial gain eclipse meaning and foresight."



Kiaya Mathilde Skyriki Abernathy, daughter of Billy Abernathy the musical carpenter + Sandy Abernathy the gifted herbalist.

Born March 3rd 1989 in Flint Hill, VA & Raised up in the great blue ridge mountains of Virginia. She has been playing music since she could stand. She has played with numerous Rappahannock artists and her current musical project is with the original band Silver & Moonlight.

Her Father Billy Abernathy (1950-2019) was a founding member of the counter culture artistic movement of the 1970’s. He was the lead Singer/Guitarist for the OK’s and many other local bands as well as a weaver of stories. After graduating from UVA with a major in Anthropology, she moved back to Rappahannock and began playing music in local venues with her Poppa and with their band Silver and Moonlight. Being back home and interacting with the unique artists of Rappahannock again inspired Kiaya to bring forth the stories of who we are as individuals and as a community.

“I want my listeners to feel connected to the songs that I play and to share in a sense of what Rappahannock means to each one of the varied audio and visual artists that call it home.”