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Kinda Celtic

Interview with Rannie Winn

Band members (R to L) are:

Judith Whitfield – hammered dulcimer

Jim Melnick – fiddle

Amy Meyer – harp

James Brown – guitar, vocals, bouzouki, bodhrán, band leader

Rannie Winn – whistles, vocals

Josh Wassum (not in photo) – cello


Melissa Lummis

Author and Soul Coach.
”You're not going to master your life in one day.

Holding space for the socially unconventional and divine by nature


Wayne Turner

Transformation by Dialectic

Poet, Visual Artist & Musician

“We are a vine
seeking water by root
and light by leaf.”


Noah Waggener

A Rappahannock native known for his work with the Daycare Swindlers, Stick em Up, Rude Rock Family and Sixling Twin. A multi-media artist, woodworker, vocalist, lyricist, & musician.


Cara Cutro

Reiki Master Teacher, Herbalist, Licensed Massage Therapist, & Passionate reader of the Tarot.